The last C&C 37R - Luna

Boat Design: C&C 37R
Designer: Robert Ball
Builder: C&C International (C&C Yachts) Ltd. (Canada)
Year Built: 1993
Displacement: 15,900 lbs./ 7,212 kgs.
 Ballast: 6,990 lbs./ 3,171 kgs., lead
 Beam: 12.58' / 3.83m
 Draft: 8.16' / 2.49m
 Length: 39.50' / 12.04m
Sail Area: 794 sq. ft. / 73.76 m2
 Rig: Masthead Sloop
Home Port: Salt Spring Island BC
 Yacht Club: Salt Spring Island Sailing Club
Sail Number: 64953
HIN: ZCC40024C393
 PHRF-NW Rating: 69

C&C 37 R "Luna" at the finish of the 1998 Victoria to Maui (Vic Maui) Ocean Race

Luna was built in 1993 and was the last in the line of successful C&C 37R racing models built by C&C Yachts.

The Vic-Maui, the longest offshore sailing race off the west coast of North America, starts off Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and finishes near Lahaina, Maui, United States, a distance of approximately 2,308 nautical miles (4,274 km).

In the Vic-Maui of 1994 the then shiny new C&C 37R "Luna" competed, finishing 3rd in Div B, 15th of 24 boats overall. By then a veteran of the Vic-Maui program, owner/skipper Dennis Manara  of the Vancouver Rowing Club was now sailing with a few more feet of waterline, having raced his Yamaha 33 (also LUNA) to Maui in previous years. (Vic-Maui '84,'86,'90,'92)

The 1994 crew included Brent Bartwick, Gary Dotson ('92), Navigator - Colin Jackson ('92), Anthony Kordic ('92), Neville Hand, John Mortimer, and Jay Page.

Luna returned for the Vic-Maui 1996, finishing 5th of 6 in class 2, 14th of 16 boats.

The next Vic-Maui in 1998 was Luna's most successful when she captured both the "Blue Gavel" trophy, awarded to the first boat to finish in Class C as well as the "County of Maui" trophy for first on corrected time for Class C, finishing 1st of 5 boats in her class, 7th of 16 boats overall for the ocean race.
A few more photos from Luna in the 1998 Vic Maui are here.

Luna has been renamed "Arbitrage" and now now resides at the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club on Salt Springs Island in British Columbia, Canada where she both races and cruises.

"ARBITRAGE" – Norbert Schlenker & Norah McCloy’s C&C 37R has a changed name as the previous owner took the name LUNA with him. They wanted something unique and personal hence, ARBITRAGE which is a financial term meaning a “a risk-free return. “Not something you’d really get from a sailboat” states Norbert.


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