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Sailing - July 1997

Hull No. 37, the C&C 37/40+ Rigolé of San Diego CA was featured on the cover of Sailing, July 1997 edition.

Rigolé is French for "to have fun, to laugh, to laugh out loud"

Rigolé was quite photogenic, she also was featured in the 1999 Cruising World Calendar

Renamed "Rutane", she now sails on the east coast, based out of Newport Yacht Club with a home port of WICKFORD RI.

Skippered by David P Mcloughlin, she has competed in a number of Newport Bermuda Races (the "Thrash to the Onion Patch"), competing in both the St. David's Lighthouse Division and the Cruising Division.

The St David’s Lighthouse Trophy goes to the corrected-time winner of the largest division, vying for the silver lighthouse replica. Only amateurs are allowed to drive the boats in the St David’s Lighthouse Division.

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