The "New" C&C 37+ (1988)

New C&C 37+

To view and download a full size (48") pdf of the above drawing follow this link: New C&C 37+ - September 1988

The C&C 37/40 is a Canadian 12.05 metres (39.5 ft) fibreglass monohull sailing yacht, designed in 1988 by Robert W. Ball of Cuthbertson & Cassian (C&C Designs) as a replacement for the earlier C&C 37 dating from 1981. The yachts have a masthead sloop rig, with a fin keel and a spade-type rudder. The C&C 37/40 is intended as a cruiser/racer or oceangoing racer (depending on model). First built in 1988, the design is now out of production. Over one hundred of the 37/40 type were built before the Canadian plant closed in 1994.

There are three basic models of the C&C 37/40:
  • The Custom 37/40 R "racing" model with a deep draft 8.16 ft (2.49 m) keel and a lighter, more race oriented interior.
  • The 37/40+ with a full cruising interior in an aft cockpit, two stateroom layout; the aft stateroom is full width with a centerline queen berth.[6] This model has several keel options including wing keel, keel/centreboard, and deep keel.
  • The 37/40 XL which is a combination of the 37/40+ cruising interior with the lighter hull, taller mast, and deeper keel of the racing "R" version.
At this point in C&C's history these boats were essentially semi-custom so could be ordered and built with any of a number of different standard rigs, shoal, wing or deep keels, standard or racing hull, rudder and deck layups, and transom configurations (open or closed).

On the design of the 37/40 Rob Ball said:
I really love that design, and feel it really was/is the culmination of all the past experience, and designs that I did . . . .
The fun part was that the goal of the basic design was ‘A Fast Boat’ without any distortions for handicap rules . . The rule being used mostly was PHRF and keeping the name at 37 when the boat was actually longer than that was a tongue-in-cheek effort to fool the handicappers when it was introduced . . . After the boat was sailing and presumably sailing better than a 37 footer, they would change the rating – but by then we would have at least created ‘notice’ in the marketplace – HA . . . . . In truth I did have a 37.49 foot design ready, but pleaded with marketing to lengthen it. Indeed it was the longest waterline 37 footer, the most interior 37 footer, maybe the fastest 37 footer . . . . BUT it was also the most expensive 37 footer . . . . The marketing guys pushed for the name change(s) . . .
Everyone that I have run into – love the boat . . . .
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C&C 37/40


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