C&C 37 XL - Salazar

Boat Design: C&C 37 XL
Designer: Robert Ball
Builder: C&C International (C&C Yachts) Ltd. (Canada)
Year Built: 1990
 Order Date: December 28th, 1989
 Moulding Date: March 23rd, 1990
 Builders Certificate: May 14th, 1990
Displacement: 15,900 lbs./ 7,212 kgs.
 Ballast: 6,990 lbs./ 3,171 kgs., lead
 Beam: 12.58' / 3.83m
 Draft: 8.16' / 2.49m
 Length: 39.50' / 12.04m
 Bridge Clearance: 62' / 18.9 m
Sail Area: 794 sq. ft. / 73.76 m2
 Rig: Masthead Sloop
Home Port: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Yacht Clubs: Dobson Yacht Club, Northern Yacht Club, Ben Eoin Yacht Club
Sail Number: CAN 54955
HIN: ZCC37067C090
 Skipper: Ken Heaton
 Admiral: Anne Tobin
PHRF-NS Rating: 72 (Spinnaker - provisional)

is a C&C 37 XL (also known as the C&C 37/40 XL), built by in 1990 by C&C Yachts for Will Apold of the Bedford Basin Yacht Club. First named "Lady Hawke", she was sailed, cruised and raced by Will and his young family up and down the coast of Nova Scotia for many years. Under Will’s command she participated in several Marblehead-to-Halifax Ocean Races, finishing 4th in Class in 1997 and 9th in class in 1999.

Will later had better luck with a new boat in the 2011 edition of the Marblehead-to-Halifax Race. Will and his friends who made up the crew of his new boat, Valkyrie, were the overall winners of the 2011 Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Yacht Race.

Valkyrie, skippered by Will, completed the race in 31 hours, 50 minutes and 18 seconds, beating the old record and setting a new one for fastest Canadian-owned boat. Not only did Valkyrie, in addition to being overall winner, share in breaking the long-standing elapsed time record for the race but she did it with a large contingent of Nova Scotia sailors, namely: Patrick LaRoche, Nick Childs, Andrew Childs, Ben Maloney, and Christine Apold – all of whom are former or present members of the Bedford Basin Yacht Club – and long term members Rod MacKay and Will himself. Will was the first Canadian to win the race in the modern era.  If you are curious, this link will take you to a page about Valkyrie.

Will has a new boat now, a Southern Wind Carbon/epoxy SW 96 named 'Sorceress'.

But I digress... let us return to Salazar's story:

Lady Hawke was eventually sold and moved to Quebec City where she was renamed "Seven".

She spent the next several years sailing the St. Lawrence River.

A few years after that she moved on to the Etobicoke Yacht Club in Toronto, Ontario and was again renamed, now to "Dolce Vita" (the good life).

Ken Heaton and his wife, Anne Tobin found exactly the boat they were looking for in Toronto in the spring of 2010. By then she was ready to come home to Nova Scotia.

Ken and a couple of friends spend a few hot, sunny weeks in July of 2010 sailing her down the St. Lawrence River to her present home on Cape Breton Island where she spends her summers cruising the Bras d’Or Lakes, coastal Cape Breton, the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Salazar is an old family name of Ken's, his maternal grandmother's maiden name.  Salazar is a Basque surname meaning old hall (from Castilian Sala (hall) and Basque zahar (old)).  The Salazar family hail from Álava, the southernmost of the three Basque Country provincias of northern Spain, located mainly on the southern slope of the Pyrenees Range.

The C&C 37 XL won rave reviews when she was first launched in 1988 and today she’s still turning heads.

The C&C 37 XL combines features of both the C&C 37+ Racer/Cruiser and the 37R (racer) models. This 40′ boat was ahead of its time in construction and performance. It is one of C&C’s most successful designs as a racer/cruiser for offshore and inshore boating. This model has Kevlar hybrid lay-up in the hull and a triple spreader mast and yet, the accommodations below are what you would expect of a fine cruising yacht. The C&C sailing pedigree combined with a generous 2 cabin cruising interior that is a delight from the large aft cabin with centerline queen berth, a spacious and well laid out galley, a roomy head with a stall shower, and of course, comfortable entertaining space in the salon.

The video and photos below shows some of Cape Breton Island and the Bras d'Or, the little piece of heaven that Salazar calls home:


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