2018 Mid-Atlantic C&C Rendezvous

The dates for the 2018 Mid-Atlantic C&C Rendezvous are set, the weekend of October 26, 27, 28, 2018.  There's just no better way to meet and socialize with other C&C owners on the Mid-Atlantic coast.  Please join us!  RSVP info toward the bottom of this page.

Follow and post videos and pictures to the Facebook page.  Feel free to message us there as well.

The site is Annapolis MD, at the Annapolis City Docks. Great central location, shops and restaurants available. Walking distance to nearly everything including to the US Naval Academy, St. John’s College, the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Tie up alongside overnight in Ego Alley, or book one of their 76 moorings with available water taxi.. Plenty of power, water, bathhouse, showers, uber, lift, and parking.

We have 20 responses who are attending and 10 coming by boat. There is roughly a 50/50 mix of those staying on moorings vs slips.

"I can say that having been to Edd Schillay's NE Rendezvous it is great to tour everyone else's boats so I would encourage all the boaters to plan at least one day to get a slip and then stay on a mooring for any other nights if desired."

The Annapolis Harbor Master needs all registrations in by March 31 in order to coordinate getting all the boats together.

You can negotiate your arrival and departure dates, power and water requirements, or mooring ball arrangements directly with the Harbor Master - Beth. Let her know that you are attending the 2018 Mid-Atlantic C&C Rendezvous. They have a liberal and comprehensive cancellation policy posted on the registration form so register now even if there is a chance that you may cancel.

Annapolis Harbormaster and Info

Dock Reservation Request

As for our land based visitors the waterfront Marriott has an absolutely perfect location, however when I priced rooms they were exorbitant. Y'all might have different luck when/if you call.  Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, Autograph Collection

Instead of the Marriott, an alternative might be the Historic Inns of Annapolis

Both hotels are centrally located and well within walking distance to the docking location.

Another Historic accommodation recommended by a C&C Mailing List Member:
3 Bedroom Vacation Home near Maryland State House

Our volunteer event organizers / coordinators are Josh and Carmel who will be available for multiple days on either side of the weekend and will be doing some Bay sailing in local areas - generally just hanging out if anyone wants to arrive early or stay late.

"I have been approached regarding a possible sailing race which might include a half-hull model of the winner's boat as a prize! I need volunteers to help arrange any of these add-ons. I can act as a central coordinator but I can't manage it all. Some other ideas might be a Naval Academy tour, group dinner, escape room dinner, shopping trip, swag bags, demonstrations, day sail to another port, etc. If you come up with an idea and want to organize it then go ahead. Uber and Lift are available and Carmel and I will probably arrange for one of our cars to be available for anyone who needs."

Warm regards,

Josh and Carmeletta Muckley
S/V Sea Hawk
1989 C&C 37+
Solomons, MD


If you are coming, please RSVP in the comments section below so we'll all know who will be there.  ...and please let us know if you are coming by boat, and feel free to give us a few details if you wish.


  1. Josh and Carmeletta Muckley + Ruger (dog)
    Arriving Thursday 25th evening
    Departing Monday
    S/V Sea Hawk
    1989 C&C 37+

    1. Joe Della Barba
      C&C 35 MK I

  2. Rick Brass & Chance (dog)25 June 2018 at 20:08

    Arriving Thursday by boat
    Departing for a leisurely cruise back to NC on Monday/Tuesday
    S/V Imzadi
    1976 C&C 38 mk2
    Anyone who wants a ride up to Annapolis & back is welcome
    just give me a call to work out logistics

  3. Frederick G Street13 September 2018 at 13:36

    Josh -- I'll be able to attend, but only Saturday afternoon/Sunday due to flights. I look forward to meeting you! Fred Street, S/V Oceanis -- Minneapolis

  4. Aaron and Julie Rouhi
    Arriving Friday afternoon
    Departing Sunday
    Admiral Maggie
    1979 30-1

  5. I'll stop by Saturday (if former owners are permitted :)

    1. Former owners and even non-owners are welcome.

      May inquire as to who this is?
      Your post doesn't show a name.

    2. Of course former owners are permitted. You can be reminded what you're missing...

    3. Email has confirmed that this respondent is Joel

  6. Jerome Stanbury cnc 34.8 Gypsy on Back Creek Sailjerry @aol.com I live just outside of Annapolis and have vehicle if needed..

  7. We expect to attend the C&C Rendezvous all three days on our way headed south for the winter. We expect to be on a mooring buoy for one week starting Oct 22 and will be leaving on Monday morning (10/29). We will come into the dock via dinghy to meet up with everyone. Looking forward to it!
    Bob Boyer
    S/V Rainy Days (Landfall 38)


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